Zakład Budownictwa B.R.H. was established in 1994 by structural engineer Henryk Bereżecki. Except the owner the main staff of the company comprises two other structural engineers - Radosław Bereżecki and Marcin Wiśniewski and architects Beata Mańkowska- Zając and Mateusz Gach. Each member of staff is graduate of Technical University of Wrocław. We cooperate with experienced both foreign and Polish companies and engineers.

Zakład Budownictwa B.R.H. provides complete projects across all sectors: healthcare, education, offices, retail and leisure, residential. If there is such need we prepare expert opinions and surveys, design of building reinforcement or demolition, interior decorations and arrangement projects as a part of main contract or separate jobs.

Our staff has proper qualifications and experience required to prepare specialist designs for historic and vintage buildings. We also carry out investment supervision, and on client's request we undertake the role of contract administrator ("substitute investor").

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